ARme a cloud-based AR service

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ARme can be used in various situations.
You can give more valuable information and appeal to your users just by aiming their smartphones to the targets.
Travel Guides
Restaurant Menu
Newspaper etc.
For example

ARme can provide additional information that printed media can never provide such as multimedia tour information.

Tourism video
Stamp Rally
product photo
Outdoor event poster
Theme park Guides
The cover of CD or DVD
Lyrics booklet
Employee ID card etc
For example

You can use ARme for delivery of music or videos to promote an event and displaying characters of games.

3D character
promotion video
A product manual
Product images
A product catalog
Packages etc.
For example

Just one scanning with smart device, ARme provides 3D images of the goods lead customers to E-commerce sites.

3D product images
video of product
lead to EC sites

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